The Beau Baby Collective

At $350, the Beau Baby Collective is a series of up to FOUR sessions for the price of TWO!

Book the Collective by 32-weeks and you will receive a complimentary studio maternity mini session (or outdoor for a $100 on-location upgrade), a Newborn Session, a Sitter Session and a 1 Year Session!

About 2 weeks after the Newborn, Sitter and 1 Year Sessions, you’ll come back to the studio to choose your Collection of fine art images. What’s a Collection? We are so glad you asked! Find out by clicking HERE. Details about the Newborn, Sitter and 1 Year sessions are below.

Have questions? Ready to Book?

Drop us an email with your questions or let us know you’re ready to book. We would love to chat with you over a vanilla or pumpkin spice latte from our coffee bar at the studio!